Local Competition GRADING – Wednesday 15th February

This will be the final week of Grading. Competition draws will then be readily available under the Competitions tab on or before Sunday 19th feb. This week we do not have all venues and so there is a night off for some teams. Make sure to check your times and venues carefully as there are differences in some.

5pm K132 v Ballers blue Brickpit 1
5pm Woylies v Newbee worriers Brickpit 2
5pm TSC Suns v WPS Tigers Brickpit 3
5pm K131 v Magpies Brickpit 4

5.40pm WPS Joeys v K143 Brickpit 1
5.40pm Grasshoppers v Iguanas Brickpit 2
5.40pm Wombats v School zone defence Brickpit 3
5.35pm TSC Lightning v Bilbies Brickpit 4

6.20pm Timberwolves v Newbee Wizards Brickpit 1
6.20pm CPS Porche v TSC Running Bulls Brickpit 2
6.20pm K152 v Nets Brickpit 3
6.10pm VBA 16 v buffalo Brickpit 4

7pm Blackhawks v Baskeroos Brickpit 1
7pm grizzly bears v Alligators Brickpit 2
7pm Finis v TSC Hunters Brickpit 3
6.50pm Sun Bears v VBA 14 Brickpit 4

7.40pm Big Max v K162 Brickpit 1
7.40pm TSC Meteors v K164 Brickpit 2
7.40pm Marlins v Glaciers Brickpit 3

5.35pm K141 v Ballers Red Abbotsleigh 1
5.35pm TSC Arrows v K144 Abbotsleigh 2
5.35pm TSC Lasers v Geckos Abbotsleigh 3

6.15pm TSC Darts v VBA 12 Abbotsleigh 1
6.15pm TSC Phillies v TSC Wolves Abbotsleigh 2
6.15pm Skyone v Wahrooga adventist Maroon Abbotsleigh 3

6.55pm Lizards v Skywings Abbotsleigh 1
6.55pm WPS Boomers v VBA 15 Abbotsleigh 2
6.55pm K154 v Sugar gliders Abbotsleigh 3

7.35pm Wahroonga adventist green v K161 Abbotsleigh 1
7.35pm Fast basket spinners v cps sixers Abbotsleigh 2
7.35pm Airballerz v Zig Zaggers Abbotsleigh 3

No Game
Megabats K151
VBA 08 K153
VBA 09 Phantom boyz
VBA 10 Thunderstruck
K133 Shemozzles
Rebels Wasps
Possums wahroonga adventist Blue
Ballers White Packers
K163 Raining 3s
WPH Giants VBA 18
K142 VBA 17
VBA 11 Jos Hunter
SSBC Defenders Wings
Iron Men penguins
Backcourt boys pythons
Zephyrs x- men