Complaint Procedures 

If you have a Complaint or an Improvement Suggestion you can log this by completing the PDF form below.

At any time you can also contact our MPIO, see contact information below.

Otherwise the general path for grievances is

  • Speak to the Court Supervisor
  • Speak to the General Manager
  • Contact the HKBA Board
  • Contact Basketball NSW

MPIO (Member Protection Information Officer) 

Becky Mance, Sharon Smith, and Julie Rumpit

Role of MPIO

Occasionally in sport things can go wrong and it is at this time that individuals can approach an MPIO in confidence. MPIO’s provide information and options to an individual making a complaint or raising a concern and will also provide support during the process. MPIO’s are able to assist Players, Parents, Coaches, Officials and Employees.

Email –

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