Protocol and Policies

To ensure a safe and enjoyable playing environment for all players officials and participants, HKBA and Basketball NSW have in place a strict Zero Tolerance Policy towards any form of inappropriate or abusive behaviour from participants, including spectators at all BNSW sanctioned events.

In addition, we strongly recommend and follow the guidelines provided by Play by the Rules, the NSW Office of the Children’s Guardian, and the NSW Office of Sport. These guidelines help ensure that sporting environments are safe and free from sports rage, which includes any form of violence, foul language, harassment, abuse, or discriminatory behavior. Sports rage has a negative impact on our sport, reducing the enjoyment of the game, compromising safety, and damaging the reputation of our clubs.

1. Any participant or spectator who feels the necessity to:

  • Persistently or wilfully question or challenge the rulings of referees, or
  • Berate or abuse game participants, this includes coaches, referees, scoretable officials, statisticians or players, or
  • Berate or abuse other parents or spectators, or
  • Using any slurs that are homophobic, transgender-related, racially motivated, or offensive and discriminatory, or
  • Display other conduct which is inappropriate in a sporting environment, or
  • Breach any applicable NSW or Commonwealth laws, or
  • Breach any existing Basketball Australia or Basketball NSW by-laws, codes of conduct, policies or guidelines.

Conditions on Entry: to ensure a safe and respectful environment at all HKBA and Basketball NSW events, we reserve the right, with reasonable cause, to refuse entry or remove any person without entitlement to a refund, including any person who causes a disturbance, or refuses to comply with our Zero Tolerance Policy.

Our stance towards zero tolerance is independent from any legal action that may be required by the NSW Child Protection Legislation or any disciplinary measures taken by BNSW Disciplinary Tribunal or Member Protection By-Laws.




It is a condition of entry into the Brickpit Stadium Thornleigh, or any venue being used by HKBA for its competitions or activities that all players, coaches, officials and spectators abide by the Codes of Conduct listed below.





Child protection involves legislation, policies and practices to keep children safe from harm, to protect them from people who are unsuitable to supervise or work with children and to ensure that a child’s wellbeing and best interests are paramount considerations.

The HKBA is committed to the safety and wellbeing of children and young people who participate in our associations activities or use our services. We support the rights of the child and will act at all times to ensure that a child safe environment is maintained. We also support the rights and wellbeing of our staff and volunteers and acknowledge the valuable contribution they make and we encourage their active participation in building and maintaining a safe, fair and inclusive environment for all participants.

It is a legal requirement that all those involved in the program (coaches, managers etc.) need a Working with Children Check number (this includes parents who may be a coach or manager of their child’s team). We do not condone inappropriate behaviour and it is imperative that adults in positions of care adhere to the codes of conduct:

Code of Conduct Players
Code of Conduct Coaches
Code of Conduct Spectators

If anyone is seen to be not following these codes of conduct please contact the General Manager (Vicki Dean). The situation can then be dealt with appropriately.

HKBA aims at all times to provide children with a safe environment in which to participate.

We recommend reading the guidelines provided by Office of the Children’s Guardian NSW and the Australian Sports Commission

HKBA have designated Member Protection information officers (MPIO).  MPIO’s provide information and options to an individual making a complaint or raising a concern and will also provide support during the process if requested. MPIO’s are able to assist Players, Parents, Coaches, Officials and Employees. HKBA MPIO’S have completed and attended the required training for this position.

Basketball Australia Member Protection By-Law


If an injury occurs it is important that an injury report is filed as soon as possible on the day. This can be done through the venue supervisor of where the injury occurred, they forward this to Basketball NSW. If not done at the venue it is best to contact HKBA as soon as possible so that there is a record of the injury. Even if you are not sure of the severity of the injury it is better to complete the short form or let a venue supervisor know so that they can do it for you. This will help avoid any issues further down the track if you require to make an insurance claim, making the process easier for everyone involved.

BNSW Injury Report Form

Members who are currently financial are able to make an Insurance Claim through V-Insurance should they be injured when playing competition games or during team training sessions.

Please click here  for more information regarding Insurance Claims.

Glory League/Filming of games: 

Glory League has been installed at the Brickpit. It is an automated video platform that provides professional grade full game videos and highlights to those listed with a team. For more information please visit Glory League

Some children cannot be filmed due to child protection orders. If anyone objects the game will not be available for viewing.

For this reason, parents who do not wish their child to be photographed or filmed, please inform us by email at

Any videoing must be according to safety requirements of the court rules i.e.:

1) No filming on the baseline
2) Two metres from the court sidelines including tripod legs
3) Not obstructing the view of the referees or bench personals scoring the game
4) Not within two metres of the scoring bench

Occasionally things can go wrong and you may need to contact us with your concerns or grievances. These issues will be handled in a delicate and appropriate manner.

Email:, or