Local Competition GRADING – Thursday 16th February

This is the final week of Grading, Draws will then be able to be viewed under our competition tab. This will be available on or before Monday 20th Feb.

We do not have all venues this week and there are a number of teams with the night off. No Grade 7 or 8 Girls games on 14th

Managers have already been sent this draw 

5.10pm Knights v VBA 19 Brickpit 1
5.10pm Numbats v K171 Brickpit 2
5.10pm TSC Running Rebels v Steamrollers Brickpit 3
5.10pm Green falcons v Cherrydragons Brickpit 4

5.55pm Kangaroos Grade 179 v Titans Brickpit 1
5.55pm SSBC Blazers v Clutch city Brickpit 2
5.55pm Magicians v Neo Lasers Brickpit 3
5.55pm Wahroonga adventist Teal v K186 Brickpit 4

6.45pm TITANS 8 v k183 Brickpit 1
6.45pm Knickerbockers v K189 Brickpit 2
6.45pm TSC Thunder v Built different Brickpit 3
6.45pm Lakers v Linsanity Brickpit 4

5.35pm Matrix Clan v Gladiators St Leos 1
5.35pm TSC Pistons v K175 St Leos 2
6.15pm TSC Tigers v Steelers St Leos 1
6.15pm Aggies all stars v K178 St Leos 2

Scorpions Commanders
zippy zappers wahroonga adventist Orange
Birdmen SSBC Tigers
houndsmen Timeout
Mazerunner WPH Devils
Youngbloods K184
K172 K187
K174 Cardinals
Gorillas Junior Jayhawks