Registration with BNSW is only required once you are in a team that has a confirmed spot in our current local competition. It is NOT required for children attending our skills classes/holiday camps.

All players must be registered with BNSW to play. This is an annual registration which lasts for 365 days. Registration is made up of two components: BNSW membership including insurance premium and our Association fees.

2024 registration fees are:

Players aged under 7 years: $55
Players aged 8-11: $105
Players aged 12-17: $125
Players aged 18+: $140

Trial registrations are available for one-off games to individuals who have not played before, the player must pay $10 at the front office (if the player decides to continue following the trial they must pay the full registration)

If a player is registered at another association they need to pay an affiliation cost to play at HKBA. This can be done through the same individual player registration link. Costs are as following:

Affiliation fee for Players aged under 7 years: $45.16
Affiliation fee for Players aged 8-11: $61.68
Affiliation fee for Players aged 12-17: $52.81
Affiliation fee for Players aged 18+: $53.37

If you are unsure when your registration expires you can check by using the email and password attached to the player and log into

You will receive a courtesy email from BNSW/GameDay 1 month prior to expiry as a reminder to renew your registration.

If you have any difficulties regarding your registration please contact us between 11am-7:00pmĀ  on 9980 6255, or by email

Click here for Individual Player Registration