We’re excited to let our community know we’ve launched a partnership with Glory League; a world-first automated video engagement system taking everyday basketball to a whole new level and making everyday players feel like WNBA or NBA superstars!

Starting soon, HKBA players can relive their games through professional quality full game videos, personal highlight reels and stats automatically captured using the platform’s smart cameras in conjunction with our courtside scoreboard.

Glory League provides Players and Supporters with a unique post-game experience that includes:

  • The ability for players to watch all of their games and review their highlights            
  • Tag stats to watch highlight reels and create additional highlight clips that enrich player statistics            
  • Review and analyse game footage to assist development of Players, Coaches and Referees            
  • Relive and create everlasting memories by sharing your games and highlights with family and friends            

To learn more about Glory League visit gloryleague.basketball

Follow Glory League on @gloryleaguebasketball on Tiktok and @gloryleague on Instagram and @gloryleague on Youtube